Jamaah Times (Canberra) from 01 May to 31 May 2024

Fajr06:00 am01 May15 May
06:15 am16 May31 May
Dhuhr12:30 pm01 May15 May
12:30 pm16 May 31 May
Asr03:15 pm01 May15 May
03:00 pm16 May31 May
Isha 07:30 pm01 May15 May
07:30 pm16 May31 May
Maghrib 10 minutes after sunset.

Jumma Khutbah starts at 1 pm, followed by the prayer after 20-30 minutes normally.

Masjid (Mosque)

In Islam, a masjid (mosque in English) serves as a place to perform daily prayers for Muslims, which are obligatory and an essential aspect of Islam.

As a centre for community events, mosques also offer educational opportunities for children and adults and support social welfare and charitable activities.

The Masjid Sabah Al Ahmad at the Canberra Islamic Centre (CIC) serves the Muslim population in the wider Australian Capital Territory. It was built with the generous assistance of the Kuwaiti government and is named after the former Emir of Kuwait who ruled between 29 January 2006 and 2020.

The Masjid Sabah Al Ahmad accommodates around 1,000 people over two levels with a separate upstairs area reserved for ladies. Attached to the Masjid are a two-bedroom apartment for accommodating visitors, several functional classrooms, full body washing and storage facilities for the deceased.

The Masjid Sabah Al Ahmad is the central and essential facet of the Canberra Islamic Centre.

Imam Adam Konda

Born in the village of Koungoussi, a commune of Bam Province in north-western Burkina Faso (Land of the Upright people), Imam Adam Konda commenced his Quran and Islamic studies at the Sabilul Falah (The Path of Success or Prosperity) School in Koungoussi under Sheikh Abubakar Saana.

Imam Konda won a scholarship to Syria and with assistance from Christian and Muslim families travelled to Syria to study Arabic, Sharia, and the Quran.

In 1990, Imam Konda enrolled at the Islamic University of Madinah in Saudi Arabia and over the following five years studied Sharia and the Science of the Qiraat of the Quran.

Graduating from Madinah University in 1995, Imam Konda went to China to study martial arts before moving to Malaysia to pursue a master’s program at the International Islamic University in Kuala Lumpur.

Before completing his studies in Malaysia, Imam Konda accepted the Imam’s position at the Darwin Islamic Centre and after ten years moved to Melbourne as a teacher at the Victoria Islamic Centre and Imam of the Faulkner Mosque. Imam Konda returned to Darwin after a year and spent three years as Imam of the Darwin Islamic Centre.

In 2009, Imam Konda was appointed Imam of the Canberra Islamic Centre and also a full-time teacher at the Islamic School of Canberra. He is currently a full-time Imam at CIC and a part-time teacher at the Islamic School.

Imam Konda comes from a rich upbringing in a multicultural and multi-religious society and is heavily engaged in community activities.

Function of an Imam

An imam is a religious leader in the Islamic faith who leads prayer services, delivers sermons and provides guidance.

An Imam’s functions are to:

  1. Lead the five obligatory daily prayers for Muslims.
  2. Deliver sermons, especially during the Friday prayer which focus on ethical and moral issues, as well as topics related to Islamic theology and spirituality.
  3. Provide spiritual guidance and advice to members of the community.
  4. Provide religious education, teaching the basic beliefs and practices of Islam.
  5. Perform religious ceremonies at weddings, funerals, and other special events.
  6. Participate in interfaith dialogue and promote an understanding between the wider religious communities.