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Justice of the Peace (JP)

Abdul Hasib Khan (JP) – Gordon (ACT)

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We aim to highlight the unique aspects of our service, rooted in Islamic ethics, that set us apart from other providers. We offer home care services for eligible members of our elderly community who are seeking a new provider or considering a switch. Our promise is to address the unmet needs in this sector, with a deep understanding of the challenges faced when seeking appropriate care for family members. For instance, we strictly adhere to gender-specific care, ensuring that males are cared for by males, and females by females.

Our medical staff are not only well-trained and experienced but are also either practicing Muslims or individuals who are well-versed in Islamic principles. This ensures that they are fully equipped to cater to the specific needs of Muslim patients.

We pay attention to the smallest details, such as removing shoes when entering a patient’s home, and more significant aspects like maintaining privacy, preparing halal food, and assisting with religious obligations like Salah times, Wudu, and bathing.

In essence, we strive to combine the highest levels of respect and professionalism with a strong commitment to Islamic values. Our goal is to provide a service that truly understands and caters to the needs of the Muslim community.

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