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Established several decades ago in Canberra, the Islamic funeral service has an established network across the hospitals, the funeral industry, and the cemeteries in the ACT and Queanbeyan regions.

ACT Muslims Australia (ACTMA), in partnership with Canberra Islamic Centre (CIC), provides a comprehensive and free Islamic funeral service which includes;

  1. transporting the deceased,
  2. storing the deceased, when necessary,
  3. washing and wrapping the body of either male or female,
  4. communicating with the family’s preferred cemetery for the burial,
  5. liaising with the relevant Imam to conduct the Janazah prayer at the deceased family’s preferred mosque,
  6. conducting a short sermon and prayer at the cemetery,
  7. preparing paperwork for burial,
  8. applying for formal Death Certificates and
  9. providing support to grieving family members.

The first Ghusl room in the ACT region is now operational at CIC which will enable a full end-to-end funeral service for the deceased members in the Muslim community. A volunteer team of 25 males and 10 females have been trained to assist with preparation, burial, and provide support for the family of the deceased.

Currently, Hashim is the only authorised pastoral carer, allowed to officially visit patients in hospitals. ACTMA is negotiating with the health sector to increase the number of Muslim Pastoral Carers to address the ageing Muslim population.

When death occurs at home or at the hospital, only one member of the deceased family should contact Hashim to arrange the funeral.

The services are provided by volunteers, and the equipment, including the hearse, are generous donations from the community. If you would like to contribute financially or purchase any equipment (as Sadakatul Jariyah for yourself or deceased parents), please contact Hashim.


Br. Hashim Abdul Rahman OAM – 0402 336 960 (call first)

Br. Osman Boubakari – 0416 260 252

Br. Osman Adam – 0400 767 705

Br. Abu Usman Amir – 0433 578 613

Br. Bilal Berjaoui – 0412 245 061 (CIC Executive Committee member)

Br. Muhammad Kamara – 0405 489 281

Br. Yusuf Mansuri – 0481 357 860

Br. Malik Qasim – 0412 579 292


Sister Umm Aarib (Deena) – 0415 451 861

Sister Amira Hadid – 0490 508 054