Ads & Pro Bono Services

At present, we are accepting only Pro Bono Services such as Justice of Peace (JP), Free Legal Services, Job hunting services, Digital experience services, and other complimentary services for the community. We are also open to listing Marriage Celebrants for free, although they will charge for their services.

Additionally, we are offering one month of free advertising for Catering & Decoration services for events like parties and weddings. After the first month, they will be required to pay a nominal monthly or yearly fee as outlined below.

If you are interested in publishing details of your catering and decoration business or free services under these categories, please contact us at

Prices (after 30 June 2024 for non-free categories excluding Marriage Celebrants):

  • Small (One cell/column): $50/month or 500/year
  • Medium (double size of Small): $80/month or 800/year
  • Large (double size of medium): $150/month or 1,500/year

Note: We offer one month of free advertising, which will only be published until 30 June 2024. All ad sizes may not be the same based on the type or size of the content. There will be separate charges if you need additional work like a Canva flyer, Domain name, web hosting website design, online shop/store etc.